How to Secure Glass Windows

Home security is not just about securing the doors or your premises. It is not enough to install a home alarm to make your family safe against burglars or disasters. There are other things to consider when it comes to security such as your windows. This part of the house is frequently taken for granted. But if you think about it, windows are still access of anyone outside to penetrate your home.

In most cities, people choose to install security steel bars on their windows. These steel bars may sometimes look distracting to the eye but when you have it designed according to your personal taste, it can look quite attractive and elegant. You can go for bars with flower and twirl designs or just with simple vertical lines. You can alter the appearance according to the theme of your home or apartment complex.

The presence of steel bars around the glass windows is very useful against intruders as well as accidents such as getting hit it by children playing ball games outside your house. Install these steel bars on windows located on the basement and ground floor rooms since it seldom happen that burglars make it to the higher floor of the house. If you own an apartment building rented by tenants and decided to build steel bars on the windows, make sure you also install an emergency exit in case of emergency. Provide a gate leading to the emergency stairs to protect your renters during incidents like fire where doors oftentimes become inaccessible.

Another way to secure your windows is to adhere to special type of film or laminate that will gather the shards of glass when the window breaks. Aside from burglary, it can protect your children from wounding themselves when glass breaks due to rough playing or just plain carelessness. But this rarely happen since these films make the window glass stronger against breakage, making it more difficult for thieves to enter your house. As a test, you can use wrap a small portion of unused window glass with laminate and hammer it several times. See how the glass won’t smash regardless of many hits it obtains.

You can also put locks from the inside of your windows. Place it on the bottom part of the window panes to hide it from the view outside. Be sure to lock the windows before bringing down your blinds at night. And during home construction, better choose window glasses that are shock-proof. This type of glass is more resistant to breakage.

If you have glass sliding doors at home, you can have it tinted to a darker tone to avoid prying eyes see the insides of your home. Many burglar incidents start when thieves spy the interiors and furnishings of your house through windows or doors. Or have long curtains cover these sliding doors when nobody is home or during night time.

Altering your windows to make it secured against intruders or accidents is a great investment for you and your family. It will just require little adjustments and few bucks but the benefits are almost a lifetime.