Intruder proof your doors

You shouldn’t have to stay up at night worrying about your safety with the availability of the many ways to protect you and your family like getting a dog and the usual alarm systems. Somehow, however, we tend to lose sight of the most obvious in front of us. And this tendency can be equally dangerous too. In this context, it is dangerous to lose sight that one of the most important culprits when it comes to home safety is your door’s lack of security. Here are some tips to help you secure your doors properly.

  • Remember to have proper lighting in your doorways. It will also not hurt to have motion sensitive lights to scare any intruders.
  • Your exterior doors should be composed of solid wood, fiber glass, or metal. It shouldn’t have any window on it. For sliding glass doors, cover its glass on the outside with a security grate. You can also secure the glass from the inside with a clear polycarbonate panel. For the metal door, make sure it has a lock block and it is reinforced inside.
  • Remember to lock your doors. A considerable amount of intrusion was conducted through unlocked doors. A lock is useless if you don’t use it. Lock your door every time you leave or even when you’re at home, especially at night.
  • Use modern deadbolt locks. This type of lock can be applied to any exterior door (minus sliding doors). The proper deadbolt should be more than one inch long into the door. There should also be no exposed screws with this deadbolt.
  • Don’t expose your hinges. Be sure that your hinges are positioned inside your door. If not, you can opt to secure this exposed problem with non-removable pins.
  • Be sure that your strike plates are not flimsy. This is the metal where the lockset is positioned. Replace this metal plate with a heavy duty one installed with 4 three-inch screws.
  • Use peepholes. More formally known as viewers, it allows you to see who is right outside your door. A good peephole should let you see who’s outside your door without having to open the door. It is also much recommendable to have wide angle peepholes that are just the proper eye level.
  • Try to scare off intruders with fake cameras. Place them in an unreachable corner yet visible enough to do its function of fooling and hopefully making the intruder think twice before actually intruding.
  • Properly protect sliding door with locks installed at the bottom and at the top. You can also opt to use a Charlie bar, a bar that swings down to the door’s middle to make sure it prevents from sliding. If you don’t want to shell out money, you can also just utilize a rod at home and place it in the door’s bottom track so it won’t open. Others suggest, that when the window is closed, hammer a nail in the window track. In the end though, it is still important to reinforce a sliding door’s glass with those mentioned in number two.